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Safeguarding Your Business With a Commercial Locksmith: Have You Recently Inspected Your Locks?

Have You Recently Inspected Your Locks? Safeguarding Your Business With a Commercial Locksmith:

Business owners know the importance of keeping your livelihood protected. All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. helps find locks that are right for you. 

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If you are a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your livelihood protected. Whether it’s a small shop or a large commercial building, keeping your space protected from intruders is always a top priority. The first access to any building is its doors, and having a simple lock is not always enough for protection. Our locksmiths at All-Lock-Rescue Ltd. can help you decide which locks are the best for your business or replace your outdated or damaged locks.

Several different factors come into play when deciding which locks to use for your business. Your trained commercial locksmith will discuss these factors during your consultation:

  • Size of the building
  • Number of employees with access
  • Other security systems used
  • How often people come and go
  • Whether there is a public storefront

There are several kinds of locks to consider in the security of your business. Some of the options available are:

  • Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks
  • Access Control — Fobs/Cards
  • Deadbolts
  • Knob/Lever Handle Locks
  • Commercial Steel Doors
  • Panic Hardware
  • Astragals
  • Latch Guards
  • Cylinder Guards

Regular Maintenance

Whichever locks you choose, they can become worn out from weather and time. Regular maintenance of your existing locks can prevent you from having to do costly repairs and replacements. A trained commercial locksmith will be able to inspect your locks and help you decide the next step to take Tips From a Residential Locksmith to Prevent Summer.

Proper Installation

The biggest factor that goes into the ability of a lock to protect your business is proper installation. Having a trained professional with knowledge of all kinds of commercial locks is important when planning the security of your business. All-Lock-Rescue has highly trained skilled locksmiths ready to help you plan the security of your business. Call All-Lock-Rescue today to schedule a consultation with a commercial locksmith.

 Three Tips From a Residential Locksmith to Prevent Summer Break-ins. Going Away for Holidays?

Helpful tips from your Edmonton residential locksmith on how to protect your home this summer! 

Crime scene — thief or burglar hand in gloves holding metal crowbar break opening home door lock

Summer is here, which means school’s out and it’s time to step away from your busy life and take a vacation. If you’re going away, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your home is safe and secure from intruders. Here are three easy tips to ensure your home’s safety and prevent summer break-ins.

1. Check Your Door and Window Locks

We all lock our doors when we leave the house, even if it’s just for a short trip to the store. But when you’re leaving your home unattended for an extended period of time, there are some extra things to consider.

  • Worn Out Locks- Even the highest quality locks can become worn from weather and time. An outdated lock is not enough to protect your home from intruders. A residential locksmith can assess the state of your locks and decide whether they need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Outdated Locks- Technology is evolving every day and new locks have been developed in the last few years that are safer and more effective to secure your home. A trained residential locksmith can discuss different options and help pick the best locks for your home.

2. Install Deadbolts

Having an extra layer of protection on your doors and entryways can help give you peace of mind while you’re away on vacation. Studies say up to 35% of burglaries happen by thieves entering through the front door. There are several different options available for residential deadbolts and a trained locksmith can help you decide which one is best for your home. Installation should always be done by a professional since proper installation is the key to having any lock work properly Going Away for Holidays?

3. Have a Trusted Neighbor Look After Your Home

While you shouldn’t advertise on social media that you’re going out of town, you should tell a trusted neighbor so that they can keep an eye on your home while you’re away. You could also give them an extra key to turn on certain lights at appropriate times to give the appearance that someone is home. A residential locksmith can make extra copies of your house keys quickly and easily when needed.

Taking these easy precautions can prevent summer break-ins while you’re on vacation so you can just enjoy your time with your family. Be sure to call Rescue for all your residential locksmith needs!




Do You Have to Go to Your Dealer for a New Car Key? Car Key Cutting:

Trained locksmiths try to stay up to date on all of the latest key technology and are able to do most car key cutting for you.

remote car key isolated on white background

There are several reasons

Why you may need a new car key for your vehicle. With the technology of today, car keys aren’t the simple flat metal objects of yesterday. But you may not have to go to your auto dealer to buy a new car key or get a duplicate made. Trained locksmiths try stay up to date on all of the latest key technology and are able to do most car key cutting for you. All-Lock-Rescue can take care of most of your car key cutting needs Lock Your Dogs in Your Car.

  • Lost Keys:It happens to the best of us, and always at the worst possible times. Don’t panic. If you find yourself without your keys, call an emergency locksmith rather than your local dealer. It may save time and money.
  • Locked Out:If you’re in a safe place and there are no kids or pets locked in the car in unsafe conditions, it’s best to call a locksmith rather than the police. Emergency locksmiths carry special tools to open your vehicle without causing any damage. Then they can do a car key cutting for you, so you can leave one with a spouse or neighbor so you will always have access if you find yourself in a similar situation again.
  • Broken Keys:A worn out or broken key can damage your ignition or get stuck and cause costly repairs. If you’ve been having issues with your current key, it’s time to get a replacement. A locksmith can replace your key and even remove one stuck in your ignition in most cases.

Getting new car keys is a quick and easy process when you call an experienced locksmith. Call All-Lock-Rescue for most of your car key cutting needs.



 Don’t Lock Your Dogs in Your Car! Car locksmith: For Your Benefit and Theirs:

Call a car locksmith if your pet is locked in the car with unreliable AC, there is extreme temperatures, or you accidentally locked the key inside. 

Bichon Frise Looking out of car window

Pets are a part of our families. They’re little furry babies that we take care of and can’t live without. We even sometimes take them with us when we’re out and about. Leaving your pets in the car can be dangerous and lead to some pretty tricky situations. Leaving your car running while the pets are inside may seem like the safe thing to do, but accidents can happen that way. And leaving them inside without it running is dangerous as well. So what’s the best option? Either leaving them at home or bringing a friend with you if you need to leave the car at some point is the best idea. It’s best not to leave your pets in a vehicle unattended Emergency Car Locksmith.

Extreme Temperatures

According to Heat.org, on a 20-degree day, a car’s inside temperature can reach 40 degrees in just 30 minutes and up to 45 degrees in just an hour. Even with the windows cracked! This could be deadly to a cat or dog. Different breeds respond to temperatures differently and could be even more sensitive. Cold weather can be just as dangerous since a car turns into a refrigerator in cooling temperatures. This situation can turn even scarier if you were to accidentally lock your keys in the car. Call 911 if your car is not running, they may advise you to call an emergency car locksmith. If the car is running with the AC or Heat on accordingly, call a car locksmith right away.

Car AC isn’t reliable

You may think leaving the air conditioning or heat on while you leave your pets in the car is keeping them safe, but unforeseen things could happen. The AC or heat could break and stop working. Noxious fumes could build up in the car, and animals are more sensitive to chemicals than humans. If this has happened, make sure you call a car locksmith immediately.

Locking Your Keys Inside

Anytime you leave your car running after exiting it, you increase your chances of locking your keys in the car. When your pets are inside, this could lead to an emergency. Be sure to call a car locksmith right away!

The best way to avoid these possible situations is to leave your pets at home. You can enjoy them in the safety of your own home when you’re done running your errands. If you do find yourself if a tricky situation, call Rescue for a car locksmith!

Your Emergency Car Locksmith What Not to Do While Waiting for

The best thing to do when you lock your keys in your car is to stay calm and call an emergency car locksmith to come open your car for you. 

Man Sending Text Message On Mobile Phone In Car Park

Locking your keys in the car can be frustrating and upsetting but it happens to the best of us. So what do you do? The best thing to do is to stay calm and call an emergency car locksmith to come open your car for you. There are a few things you absolutely should avoid doing after locking your keys in your car and waiting for your emergency car locksmith to arrive Business’s Locks Commercial Locksmith.

Do Not Attempt to Break into Your Car

Your first instinct is probably to try to figure out how to break into your car yourself, saving some time and money. Don’t do it! Unless you have experience breaking into cars (let’s hope you don’t), you will most likely do serious damage to your vehicle. You could scratch the interior, break a window or damage the car handle or lock. Plus breaking into a car could attract attention from local police. An experienced emergency car locksmith will have the equipment necessary to open your vehicle without any damage, getting you safely into your car and on your way.

Do Not Wait by Your Car in Unsafe Circumstances

If you are in a parking garage, parking lot or anywhere out in the open, it’s best to go to a nearby public place like a restaurant or shop and wait for your locksmith there. You can have him/her meet you there and then walk over to your car. It’s best to leave your car and go somewhere safe, especially at night and if you’re alone. As long as you have a cell phone to stay in contact with the emergency car locksmith there’s no reason to wait with your vehicle.

So if you lock your keys in your car, don’t panic, don’t try to break into your vehicle yourself and get to a safe public area to call an emergency car locksmith. They’ll have your keys safely recovered and you’ll be on your way home in no time. Call Rescue today at their Toronto location for all your emergency car locksmith needs.


When to Change Your Business’s Locks Commercial Locksmith:

Keep security a priority at your business by contacting a commercial locksmith to know when to replace your broken, worn out or outdated door locks. 



Security is a priority when you own a business. Making sure your livelihood is protected is important, which is why it is imperative to not only have the proper commercial locks installed in your business but to make sure that they’re properly maintained and replaced when necessary. When should you replace your locks? There are several factors that go into needing new locks on your building Car Key Repairs.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Locks that are exposed to the outdoors tend to wear out quicker than indoor locks. Extreme heat, cold, rain and snow can all cause damage to your locks. An experienced commercial locksmith will be able to evaluate your outdoor locks and recommend any repairs or replacements needed.


Commercial locks are generally built to last, but time and constant use can take its toll. Keeping a lock past its life can lead to damage and vulnerability. A professional commercial locksmith will be able to advise you on the condition of your older locks and recommend replacements if necessary.

Outdated Locks

In addition to locks being too old to work efficiently, they may also be outdated. Just like any other technology, commercial locks are constantly improving and there may be a more practical lock available for your needs that wasn’t available when you were originally installing them. A professional commercial locksmith will be able to recommend new and improved locks that may be better suited for your business.

Unsuitable Locks

There are so many kinds of commercial locks available made for specific uses and needs. If you didn’t seek the advice of a commercial locksmith when first installing your commercial locks, you may not have the appropriate locks for your business. Proper locks differ depending on your door type, amount of use, level of security needed and other factors unique to your business. A professional commercial locksmith has the knowledge and experience to advise accordingly and get your building properly fitted with the locks that will keep your business safe and secure.

Locks are something we all probably take for granted, not realizing the amount of technology that goes into keeping us safe. Commercial locksmiths are trained not only on locks and keys, but the appropriate ones used for different needs. Lock technology is constantly evolving, so it’s best to leave the details to a professional so you can focus on all the other things that go into running a business. you through all your options to give you peace of mind that your business is safe and secure. All-Lock-Rescue can take care of all your Commercial Locksmith needs in the Toronto area Contact us and a professional commercial locksmith will come to your business, evaluate the efficiency of your locks, and talk.


Can Car Key Repairs and Replacements Be How Expensive ?

Lost or broken car keys? Or maybe you just need a spare? Don’t go to a dealership, contact a professional locksmith for your car key repairs and replacements.

A set of house and car keys lay on the forest floor as a person walks away.

Twenty years ago, losing your car key was no big deal. Replacements were cheap and easy to make. But that also meant it was easy for thieves to duplicate keys and break in or steal your vehicle. Today, car key security is much more technologically advanced, which means car key repairs and replacements are more complicated and expensive. If you lose your key, you need to be able to have it replaced as quickly as possible. Here are some things to keep in mind while considering car key repair and replacement Emergency Car Locksmith.


One option would be to go to a car dealership for a key replacement. However, this is not always a simple task. There may be a long wait period, the key could be special order, it could be very expensive, or all the above!


Locksmiths are specially trained in car key repairs and replacement technology. Getting your car key repaired or replaced through a locksmith rather than a car dealership can save you roughly 20% or more on each replacement. Plus, your wait time is cut down significantly. A professional locksmith will have the knowledge, tools, and machinery to duplicate or replace the key to most vehicles, while greatly cutting down on costs and time.

At All-Lock Rescue we have experienced locksmiths that can handle all your professional locksmith needs. They’ll be able to replace your key accurately and quickly the first time so there will be no need to take even more time out of your busy schedule to correct mistakes. Contact Rescue at our Toronto location today for your car key repairs and replacements, today.



Emergency Car Locksmith When to Call an

Locking your keys in your car is something that happens to all of us. Don’t get stranded, call -Rescue for your emergency car locksmith.

Worried businessman talking on cell phone beside his car

There are many unexpected events that could occur that would require an Emergency Car Locksmith. It’s always best to have a locksmith’s number saved in your cell phone for emergencies since looking for one is the last thing you’ll want to do if you’re faced with one of these situations.

Locked out of Your Running Car

Locking your keys in your car is bad enough, but when your car is running while you do it, it can be panic-inducing. The best thing to do is stay calm. If you don’t have children or pets in the car in unsafe conditions and you are in a safe place, it’s best not to call 911 and to call an emergency car locksmith instead. Of course, if you sense danger in any way, call the police. After you’ve assessed the situation and are ready to call a locksmith, if you are in an open area like a parking garage or large parking lot, you can always ask your locksmith to meet you in a public area like a coffee shop or restaurant, so you don’t have to wait outside in the elements. Once your emergency car locksmith arrives, they’ll have all the tools necessary to get you back inside your car without causing any damage to your vehicle. You’ll be on your way in no time.

Key Stuck in Ignition

Another panic-inducing situation is getting your key stuck in the ignition. Lots of cars have safety features that lock the key in, but sometimes they can malfunction leaving you stuck and unable to start or turn off your vehicle. Your first instinct may be to pull as hard as you can or try to somehow shake it loose. DON’T. You could cause serious damage to your car that could cost quite a bit of money to repair. The best thing to do is to stay calm and call your emergency car locksmith. They will have the tools to get your key out safely without damaging your ignition or vehicle.

Missing Car Key

We’ve all lost our keys at least once. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re running late for work or an appointment. You may think going to the car dealership may be the best place for a key replacement but, a dealership can be expensive with long wait times depending on what kind of key you need. An emergency car locksmith will be able to replace your key much quicker at a significantly lower price.

If you find yourself if any of these situations, stay calm and call Toronto’s Rescue Emergency Car Locksmith service today to get back on your way quickly and safely.


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